St Andrew’s hospital is currently accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

Accreditation is recognised as an important driver for safety and quality improvement. It is public recognition by a healthcare accreditation body of the achievement of a set of accreditation standards by an organisation and their level of performance in relation to these standards.

Accreditation systems are considered to comprise five key elements:

  1. Governance or stewardship function
  2. A standards-setting process
  3. A process of external evaluation of compliance against those standards
  4. A remediation or improvement process following the review
  5. Promotion of continuous quality improvement.

The ACHS is the leading independent authority on the measurement and implementation of quality improvement systems for Australian healthcare organisations and independently assesses performance and promotes and improves the quality and safety of health care.

In November 2012, St Andrew’s was awarded accreditation status for the maximum 4 year period. This status was reviewed as part of the continuous improvement cycle in November 2014 and our accreditation status was upheld. Feedback from the ACHS surveyors included:

“A strong culture of safety and quality exists at St Andrew's Hospital Inc. and staff and employees at all levels are dedicated to excellence in service delivery. The surveyors were particularly aware that staff are pleasant and respectful in their dealings with each other and their patients/clients.”

“The surveyors were impressed with the commitment of staff of the St Andrew’s Hospital (SAH) in providing a high standard of care to patients.”

 “The Quality Improvement Program is reflected in SAH Strategic Plan and Corporate Governance Charter. Recognition of the importance of quality processes are evidenced by the monitoring of quality compliance issues by the Hospital Board, CEO and the Executive Team. SAH has a committee structure that supports quality improvement in all aspects of care, and this is embedded in all hospital-wide committee agendas.”

“During the survey, the team evidenced a strong culture of customer service with the community, patients and medical practitioners. This is reflected in the feedback SAH receives from stakeholders.”

“The learning and development system is outstanding. The level of commitment to resource development and competency training is second to none.”