Amy Bredon – Foundation Director

Amy has been the Director of the foundation since 2015 and continues to see the foundation into a phase of strategy and high achievements.

In addition to her role as Foundation Director, she is also the Chair of the hospital’s Work Health Safety Committee and is involved in other working groups. Amy is also a Director of the Pembroke School Foundation.

Amy’s background is in the not for profit sector, with a particular interest in health care. Having previously worked at the Julian Burton Burns Trust and the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund, her prior experience includes working in the hospital setting and in a start-up.

Valerie Turnbull – Foundation Assistant

After retiring from the work force in 2005, and travelling Australia, Valerie was left wondering what she would do! Shortly after, she began as a volunteer in the coffee shop at St Andrew’s as a way of giving back to the community.

In 2010, she began volunteering in the foundation office and was subsequently offered a paid position in addition to her continued volunteering.

Valerie’s employment background has been in Administration Management and formerly managed a large sporting complex in Adelaide for 10 years. Valerie also held the positon of Assistant Chief Commissioner of Scouts Australia for 6 years supporting all Scout Leaders and Scout Group Committees in South Australia.

John Coates – Coffee Shop Manager

Born in his native United Kingdom, John began his career as a chef working in and around London. After migrating to Australia, John spent 10 years in Sydney at various fine dining restaurants.

John moved to Adelaide in 2004 to continue his career path and has previously worked at the Adelaide Club, Botanic Gardens Restaurant and Southern Cross Care before joining St Andrew’s Hospital.