Patient Satisfaction


All St Andrew's patients and visitors are provided with the opportunity and encouraged to provide feedback on their experience.

A Patient Feedback Form is provided with each admission and asks patients to comment on the positive aspects of their stay and to comment on what we could do better. This information is used to identify areas for improvement and also to collect information and evidence on specific aspects of patient care e.g. were they well informed about their healthcare or made aware of their Rights and Responsibilities.

In 2015 2,212 patients provided feedback via the Patient Feedback Form. Of the 2,212 feedback forms received

  • 1,481 provided a response on the positive aspects of the care and service provided with no suggestions for improvement
  • 702 patients provided a response on the positive aspects of the care and service provided and also provided suggestions for further improvements
  • 29 patients identified issues with their care and service provided that were deemed as a complaint



For the calendar year there were a total of 3489 compliments received.  These related to the following categories:

  • Staff (included comments re staff attitude, welcoming, caring, feeling at ease, cheerful, friendly, positive attitude, efficient, excellent care, competent, helpful) – 53.8% of total
  • Meals (included comments re food excellent, enjoyed meals etc.) – 10% of total
  • Environment (included comments on room, facilities and environment) – 11% of total
  • Communication (included comments re clear explanations, information given, good communication) – 8.6% of total
  • Care provided by Medical Officers (included comments regarding care received from doctor) – 5.6% of total
  • Organisation (included comments re area very organised, efficient, prompt service) – 6.3% of total
  • Would recommend St Andrew’s (included comments re would return to St Andrew’s, best hospital I have been in, would recommend St Andrew’s) – 4.7% of total

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The top 5 issues with our care or service identified by patients included:

1. Food / Catering
(This includes comments re the variety/standard of meals/drinks, missed meals, cold meals, incorrect meals, not enough to eat, no post op meal, buy local products, standard/choice of tea/coffee, attitude of catering staff, no tea/coffee facilities in room, vegetarian & gluten free choices etc.)

2. Nursing Care
(This includes comments about procedures being inadequate or not done, the nurse’s attitude/behaviour, visibility/continuity of nursing staff, incorrect/inadequate documentation, nurse’s knowledge, supervision of student nurses etc.)

3. Communication / Information
(includes lack of communication, not enough information, conflicting/incorrect information, filling in patient health questionnaire / admission paperwork/repeating information, too much paperwork etc.)

4. Room / Building / Other Aesthetics
(includes rooms need updating/worn out/decor, blinds/equipment missing/broken, children’s ward not inviting, no clock, storage for personal belongs in DPS, dirty/cobweb windows, not enough chairs/chair comfort, no fridge in room, theatre drab, cluttered corridors, waiting areas etc.)

5. Bathroom / Shower / Toilet

(includes share bathroom, water temp/flow, shower head broken/difficult to use, no hand basin, no power point, no mirror, lack of toilet & hand washing facilities in Reception area/Children’s ward/4 bed bays, lack of/inadequate public toilets etc.)



Patient Surveys

Patients are also formally surveyed on a regularly basis by an external company employed by St Andrew's Hospital.  The company benchmarks our results against other hospitals nationally where they have surveyed patients.  The survey asks the patient to comment on a range of aspects of their most recent hospital experience.  The last survey was conducted by Best Practice Australia (BPA) in November 2015.


BPA Patient Satisfaction Survey – Summary

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